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Wren and Levy store owner
Heather Owner of Wren and Levy

I’m Heather. The face behind Wren & Levy (Norman’s newest children’s clothing store)

I am a wife and a mother of five beautiful children.

An entrepreneur by nature and a seeker of truth.

I am a motivator, creator, encourager, teacher, and Philanthropist at heart.

I come from a large family. A solid religious background and grew up serving others. My late mother was such an integral part of my upbringing that she cultivated an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and belonging. We didn’t have a lot growing up but somehow more than enough. Growing up in such a large family has contributed to my ever-growing love for community and connection.

My road to authenticity did not come without struggle. I was a teen mom, married by 17, and divorced by the age of 20. I have accomplished some incredible things in the past 17 years but what I feel most proud of are my persistence and drive. Regardless of how many potholes I found myself falling in, I have never managed to give up or lose my vision or motivation to fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I can’t recall when I didn’t have some crazy large vision for life. And honestly, it has never occurred to me that there isn’t a thing I can’t do if I wanted it bad enough. I have always thought that if you can see it and believe in it, you can hold it in your hands.

My children’s store is just that.

It started as a vision I had years and years ago. I brushed it off at the time because truly, I didn’t have the space for such an enormous undertaking, nor did I have a concrete idea of what this store would evolve into. Thankfully life comes in seasons because there were necessary detours I had to take to grow into the person that could bring this store to life. Sometimes you have to outlast the old you to experience the new you.

The future of Wren & Levy is so bright. Having struggled in my life in so many different areas, I feel fully equipped and ready to step into the leadership that has always been there waiting for me. From humble beginnings to becoming a mother at age 17, divorces, career changes, loss and so much more, I can sit here with peace in my heart, knowing all along the struggle might have just been the whole point.

My biggest inspiration simply cannot come down to a single person but if I had to start anywhere, my mother first and foremost being my number one, my role model, my confidant, my cheerleader, and my friend. Her fierce love and drive cannot be matched. My husband and my children will always be my vehicle to a life of truth and improvement. It is a lifelong dream of mine to provide a safe space for those struggling or simply needing to feel seen. I am dedicated to serving my community and creating those connections we are desperately starved of. I am bringing my passion for helping others and forging relationships to my professional pursuits. A self-proclaimed “hype woman,” I strive to offer the encouragement people need to follow their dreams and conquer their goals. I plan to utilize my store to create connections between customers and the community. I am committed to giving 100% of myself to cultivate an atmosphere of kindness and service while encouraging our community to engage in the softer side of their humanity.

Not only do I aim at bringing a unique shopping experience to the community of Norman and beyond, but one that focuses on ideas and products that bring out each child’s natural creativity. In my opinion, the world we live in today has overstimulated most of the children I encounter. The overstimulation has stifled children’s imaginations, and they aren’t given the space to be creative or entertain themselves through play. Montessori inspired we will reclaim the foundation for the imaginations of our little ones.


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